One-stop Service

VR, AR, APP, Web, 2D/3D, and animation require art and programming. Many companies will subcontract parts of their work, which may lead to communication issues between customers, vendors, and subcontractors that result in matters related to quality and efficiency.

The cases taken on by Yingmi Technology are all completed by Company’s employees as we provide a one-stop service that includes art design, 3D modeling, skeleton setting, lighting, rendering, synthesis, program framework, program writing, and program development.

Excellent Team

The Yingmi Technology team includes personnel specializing in 2D art, 3D animation, interaction engineers, programming engineers, planners, projects, marketing and other personnel.

Professional Consultants

Yingmi Technology has hired many experts and scholars in various fields as consultants for parallel development in multiple aspects of academic research, including information, information security, information engineering, electrical engineering, electronics, multimedia, marketing, history, medicine, and nursing.

Industry Cooperation

【Tolerate diversity, tolerance is a virtue】
Working alone in today’s society is no longer feasible, and working together is the way to go. Yingmi Technology has experience in Industry-Government-Academia Cooperations or cross-industry alliances, and we welcome all kinds of businesses to cooperate with our Company.