VR Dental Training Simulation

Yingmi Technology provides customized and highly-realistic VR services. Virtual reality technology has also made important breakthroughs in medicine as it is currently changing how the medical industry operates and their approach towards clinical applications such as education on the anatomy and physiology of the human body, training of doctors, overcoming a fear of heights, pre-operation explanation and simulation, palliative and rehabilitation treatments.

For past and traditional medical education, only a few doctors or students could watch and learn the operation process on the spot simultaneously, and what they could see was very limited as they would hinder the surgeon from trying to operate. However, with the popularization of VR technology, all students can use the shared VR platform to learn together.

VR technology is also expected to provide a breakthrough regarding the current shortage of teachers at medical schools in Taiwan. Medical students can make immersive observations and operate on the human body by scanning individuals and VR simulations. VR also helps to ensure that every student can comprehensively learn and carry out experiments on human anatomy. In addition to VR being applied in medical education and training, VR has also made considerable development in medical treatment. Since VR can be used to simulate any situation including those that cannot be presented in reality, VR can also be used for. Through VR simulation situations, VR can also be used for applications such as “anesthesia for the consciousness” and “psychotherapy.”

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VR 牙科訓練模擬
VR 牙科訓練模擬